Flying Start (Living with Lizards)…

Create a new TV programme:

Programme Title = Living with Lizards
Channel and Time = Channel 4 at 6:00pm
Target Audience = Young Adults

Synopsis of the Idea =

A “mockumentary” about the conspiracy theory that certain people in power (e.g. politicians, celebrities, etc) are actually lizards. The documentary-style programme, will take on a similar tone to that of ‘The Office,’ incorporating dry, witty humour, that would be suitable for a young adult audience. The satirical programme will take on an initial facade of reality, until you see the odd swish of a tail here and there.

The characters would be well known, preferably British, politicians, played by much lesser known actors. Having almost unknown actors play the roles of famous politicians will add more to the comedic value of the programme, because their characters will become more believable.

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