Final Product and Evaluation (Submarine)…

Powerpoint presentation:

Overall, our Submarine shoot for the ‘Remake a scene’ project went okay. However, there are many things that needed to be improved and worked on.

We shot at Exmouth beach at sunset which provided a lot of problems. We had to make sure that we had everything filmed before the sun went down which made for a slightly stressful environment, but it was also extremely windy. The wind affected our sound quality a lot, making some of the shot’s sound very crackly and loud. It also meant that we couldn’t hear a whole section of dialogue. I think we could have made things easier for ourselves if we had been more organised with the paperwork we needed (making the situation more controllable) and even by just stapling the storyboard together, in the correct order (one sheet did blow into the sea).

As for the visual aspect of the scene, it seemed to improve as the shooting continued. I think if I had had more experience with filming in the past, the quality of the content would have been more constant. We were also working with inexperienced actors which also affected the quality of the content, so next time I would consider holding auditions for  more practiced actors.

However, the thing we need to work on most is organisation. When it came to editing, we realised that we hadn’t filmed a number of shots, meaning we had missed some dialogue. Although we managed to work out a way around this, in a more professional situation it could really damage the final outcome. In the future, I would make sure that the storyboard was in the correct order and for a project like ‘remake a scene,’ make sure we had the shot sheet with the timings on it.

In the end, our ‘remake a scene’ project went well considering all of our problems and it was a good learning curb which will hopefully help us make our future films better and to not make the same mistakes.

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