Section 5: Final Presentation​…



Overall, I think my project went well. I managed to create a film that portrays my original idea and that I am proud of, although I know it can be improved.

My camerawork in this short film is one thing that I would like to get better at. I was trying to emulate the way my chosen practitioner, Ed David, who uses framing and the motion of the camera to capture his audience. You can tell by his work that he generally doesn’t use a tripod for his shots, however, his camerawork is a lot smoother than my own, so I would want to put more focus into this factor in future projects.

Sound (diegetic) wasn’t an issue with this project as I didn’t need it for the most part of the short film. This was a benefit for this project, however, it would have been good to get some experience with recording sound now so I have experience that I can put forward for future projects.

The editing process went quite well. I think the main thing (other than the filming) that actually brought my idea to life was the editing and I found that I actually enjoyed it after a while. This helped when I was writing about my three possible future careers (from section 4) because I found that I really liked the process. However, what would have made it slightly easier is during the filming process, I hadn’t cut the shots so quickly; It would have been easier to edit had the shots been longer and more continuous.

As for the written work for all of the sections in the brief, I could have made life easier for myself by making a more detailed production schedule. This came to light more towards the end of the project as I had left the showreel to do last, however, it kept going wrong and that left me more stressed than necessary. As for all of the other coursework, I felt that I approached it well.

To conclude, I believe my main factor to work on for next time is organisation and having a more detailed production schedule would help with that. But, other than that I am pleased with how everything went and I only hope I can improve my filmmaking skills further.



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