Part Two – Analysing the Problem…


  • Studio sound recording – Audio recorded in a studio, for example, dialogue from an interview.
  • Location sound recording – Audio recorded in a specific location, for example, the sound of a plane landing at an airport.
  • Stationary sound – Audio recorded from something/someone that isn’t moving, for example, the sound of someone talking whilst being at down.
  • Moving sound – Audio recorded from something/someone that is moving, for example, the sound of footsteps walking along a pavement.
  • Foley – Foley is sound effects that have been recreated specifically for a certain shot in a production. It is used to enhance audio quality in post-production.
  • Ambient sound – Ambient sounds are background noises used to enhance the overall atmosphere of a scene.
  • Sound effects – Audio added onto a scene to mimic the sound of different things, for example, a gunshot.
  • Music – is the written or printed signs representing vocal or instrumental sound.
  • Drama dialogue -This is audio that records the characters from a storyline speaking.
  • Contrapuntal sound – This is sound that doesn’t fit with the scene, for example, horror music playing over a scene of a child’s birthday.

“What Microphones,” worksheet:


Target audience research:

I chose the second option as my problem, so hypothetically I am working on a clip for ‘Film4.’ Film4 generally aims its content at mature audiences and usually doesn’t develop content for family viewing.

Foley artist research:

Foley artists spend their time creating audio for use in film and TV. They create different sounds using various props, generally having to be very specific with what they are creating so that it will fit the movement from the shot exactly.

Detailed plan for my chosen audio problem:

I have chosen option 2 for my sound investigation. I selected a clip from season one, episode one of the Danish TV series ‘Heartless.’

To solve the problem I will use a variation of different recording technique to acquire the audio that I need. I will use stationary sound to record dialogue so that I can get clear, coherent audio. I will use stationary recording for sounds like breathing, etc. For footsteps, etc, I need to record moving sound. As for the music, I will use a pre-existing song.

As for the equipment, I think for the most part I will use a shotgun microphone as I believe it will be the most effective for audio I need to record.

The process of recording and editing should take three to five days overall, depending on how the project goes.

To appeal to my target audience, I will use sound in a way that will draw the viewer in by creating suspense and drama. As well as this, I will use more contemporary music which will attract the target audience.




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