Part Four – Evaluating my Solution…


After revisiting my original analysis of the clip I chose, I feel as though I have addressed a number of the criteria i originally set myself. I created suspense by recording and manipulating audio in such a way that it becomes eery and unnatural and I used contemporary pieces of music to appeal to the target audience. However, I believe my downfall is the dialogue; The audio i recorded sounds echoey and quiet. On top of this, the actress I used to record the dialogue, wasn’t a professional and therefore wasn’t able to make the script sound believable which took away from the overall scene.

I used sounds like a blow dryer, heavy breathing, wheezing, etc. For example, in the scene where a girl is seen consuming a man’s soul, I think once manipulated, a lot of the sounds were useful, like the blow dryer. Apart from the dialogue, I would say a lot of what i recorded was successful in helping me recreate the audio for this clip.

Overall, most of the audio I used and recorded was helpful and beneficial in the complete reconstruction of audio for the clip I used, however I need to work on recording dialogue to really make my work professional. In future I would use someone who is familiar with acting and I would record the sound in an area that doesn’t echo.

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