Part Three – Overall Evaluation…


Overall, I would order each investigation as such: ‘TV show and set design’  challenge as the most successful,  ‘Foreign language film review’ as the second most successful and the experimental short film as the least successful.

In the end, I believe my work on the TV show and set design challenge was the best because the work that I completed was the most considered and useable in a real-life situation. For example my research on the original TV game show, ‘QI,’ is informative and detailed, I have included detailed concept art and floor plans and a useful moodboard. However, I could improve my logo, which is lacking in creativity somewhat, and my research on the role of a set designer which isn’t as thorough as it could be.

The next most successful challenge is my foreign language film review. Out of everything I had to complete for this section, my research and my final review is the strongest; The research I completed is, again, very detailed and my film review of Run Lola Run, I believe, is well thought out and the hard work is apparent, having tried to replicate the look of the example Empire Magazine article shown to us. However, I would say the weakest part of this section is the research on how Empire Magazine structures their articles. This is because it is clear that there wasn’t as much time spent on this section as the others making it obvious that it isn’t at the same level. Although, this section of the film review investigation was the part that I found the hardest because I really wasn’t sure what to write.

Lastly, the least successful is my experimental short film. I don’t feel as though i filled the criteria I set myself.  I wanted to create a more in depth look at the feeling of confusion within oneself using different techniques on the computer programme ‘After Effects.’ However, came across quite a few obstacles which prevented me from creating what I had planned to.

When I was planning my short film, I looked at different After Effects tutorials on YouTube. Thats how I decided what I wanted to shoot and how I was going to manipulate the shots afterwards. The shot where I changed the actors face to look like it was on fire was fairly straight forward and produced an interesting effect. However, when it came to editing the other shots in After Effects, I found it very difficult for a number of reasons, but a main reason was that I didn’t have access to the right resources. Some of the YouTube tutorials were helpful to some extent, but it was hard to find a tutorial of someone using the same update of the programme and doing what I wanted to recreate in my work.

On the other hand, I am pleased with what I did manage to create using After Effects and I would use the software again. However, I want to practice using it before I go straight into a project without having any idea of how to do anything on it.

In the end, I think that some parts of the work I completed went very well and others are definitely not as good as they could have been. This makes my work look inconsistent so I definitely need to work on making sure that everything is done to the best of my ability.


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