Part One: Understanding the Problem…

Media production company research:

Crediton Media Video Productions

At first glance, the Crediton Media Video Production website seems professional and thought out. However, on closer inspection there are typos and grammatical mistakes throughout, the website as a whole isn’t that enticing and the overall aesthetic is bland. The dark design of the site isn’t very welcoming and there isn’t a great use of interesting design features.

On the other hand, their website does provide quite a lot of information about the company, what they have to offer and their past and present projects.Their logo is also quite unique which adds individuality to the brand.

Devon Films –

Overall, this website is a lot more impressive than the Crediton Media Video Production website. The site is a lot more engaging and includes elements of it’s Devonshire origin, such as the background image on most of the pages. This also helps to break up the page and appealing. As for the information provided, there is a lot of text about the people who actually work for the company; This adds personality to the website and makes customers feel like the know the company a bit better.

The only weakness I could really point out is that their website isn’t really up-to-date, their showreel being from 2014 and many of their other projects shown, being from 2014 and 2015.

BlinkBack –

Immediately, you notice the design of this website; It is clearly a lot more thought out than the previous two websites and shows professionalism and care. This is good first impression and makes the customer want to venture further into the website. It is also up to date, having a showreel from 2016 and an impressive bank of work.

They also provide a lot of information that is on a much higher level than that found on the Crediton Media Production Company website.

As for any weaknesses of the website, I found it hard to find any. As a whole, the site is well put together, informative and sleek.


Plan for my own media production company:

Name – HD Productions, after my last name ‘Heltai-Dahlke,’ which could also been seen as ‘High Definition.’


Mission Statement – ‘HD Productions’ is an up-and-coming media production company, based in Exeter, Devon. Our main focus is corporate and short films.

Brief Outline of my Business Plan – The work HD Productions will do is corporate and short films. The company’s clientele will be anyone/any brand (etc), looking for a company to produce a film that effectively embodies what their company is about. On the other hand, with the short film production side of the company, the company will search for more creative opportunities for a chance to be more expressive and show my skills in a different way.

As for fees, I would start off my offering free films to get my business of the ground and make a name for myself, however, I would expect for any travel expenses and other expenses that would cause me to lose money, to be paid by the hirer. Once my company has had a chance to expand I will start charging per hour, starting at £30.00 and rising from there, as well charging the hirer for any expenses.


Illicit Web Design research:

Illicit Web Design is a company that designs websites for other companies in need of one but who aren’t capable of making one themselves. The company claims that “today, a website is key to promotion.” They create unique websites that are different for every company, saying that they “don’t believe in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ service.”

The web design company has worked with companies such as ‘Airport Suppliers,’ ‘Little’s’ and ‘McCoy’s Arcade.’


E-mail to Illicit Web Design:

To Illicit Web Design,

I am reaching out to you to enquire about the possibility of you crafting a website for my company, ‘HD Productions.’

HD Productions is an emerging media production company focusing on corporate and short films. Currently the company is trying to expand and make a bigger name for itself. I felt that a professional website will aid in achieving this by promoting the company in a new, interesting and unique way.

In regards to the way my company’s website should look, I want it to stay quite monochrome, the main colour being white with the accent colour being black. Overall, the design should be sleek and look professional. I also want it to feature images from the work I have created and possibly some moving images. As well as this, I want the website to have links to my blog and YouTube channel and have the main page feature one or two of my films.

I would also like unique design features to be included (you have free reign on this) to make the HD Productions website different from any other and to make the website experience interesting and engaging for potential customers.

Lastly, I would expect the HD Productions website to be created with high level web designing skills, preferably using code to get the best performance.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Ella Heltai-Dahlke
HD Productions


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