Part Four – Plan it…

Storyboard for car scene:


Storyboard for mirror scene:


Shotlist for mirror scenes and second killing scene:


Shotlist for the music sequence:


Consent Forms:

Consent form Poppy Lusty FMP - Google DocsConsent form Cookie De Abreu FMP - Google DocsConsent form Gaby Mawson FMP - Google DocsConsent form Naomi Knight FMP - Google Docs
Props/Costume List:


  • A knife.
  • Fake blood.
  • A car.
  • Hannah costume: Casual clothing. Garments Naomi would normally wear.
  • Emily costume: The same required for Gaby.
  • Mia costume: The same required for cookie.
    Cast/Crew List:CastandcrewlistFMPHuman.jpgMeeting Minutes:TeammeetingFMP1TeamMeetingFMP2TeamMeetingFMP3
    Equipment List:

    • Audio/Visual Pack: Inc. DSLR camera, tripod, microphone and audio recorder (and equipment accesories).
    • If I don’t have access to an audio/visual pack then I will use my own DSLR camera as well as taking at recording equipment from the college LRC.
    • Strobe lights.
    • Colour-changing light(s).

    Recce Records:


    reccesheet 2reccesheet 22
    Risk Assessments:

    Risk assessment 12 FMP - Google DocsRisk assessment 1 FMP - Google DocsRisk assessment 13 FMP - Google Docs


  • My budget is £20.00.

    Complete Test Shots:

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

    Under the bridge.

    Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 13.44.00.png

    Mirror test shot.

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

    Coloured light test shots.



Overall, I think the planning went quite well. The test shots were especially helpful in figuring out the look I was going for and the storyboard, script and equipment/prop list helped me stay organised so that filming could run smoothly. On the other hand, I believe I left some things a bit late, like some of the story board. However, I did have to change the storyline due to one of my actors backing out of the production which did cause some problems.

Altogether, the planning process went well and was very beneficial to me when actually making my film.

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