Part Three -The Pitch…

Pitch – Part Three Powerpoint

Production schedule final

Outline of concept:

I am making a short crime/thriller film focused on the murder of an innocent girl.

A murder takes place after a teen rivalry between three girls gets out of hand. Two friends are the perpetrators in this horrible crime, one (Hannah) forcing the other (Emily) to pull the trigger. Hannah quickly forgets about the events that occurred, but Emily is so overcome with guilt that she decides to do something terrible.

Colour is an important factor in my film, specifically the colour red. Red symbolises evil, danger and death among other things so its use in my film fits well within the storyline. It connects greatly to the murderers; Where the murderers appear, red light floods the area casting an ominous glow over them. However, the character of Hannah will be branded with this colour more than Emily, who was forced to kill their victim; Hannah is the real evil behind the murder. And, although Emily will appear with red surrounding her at some points, she will ultimately represent the colour blue – the opposite (regarding symbolism not the colour wheel) to red; blue can mean trust, loyalty and heaven, however it can also portray sorrow, depression and sadness.


Run time:

6-7 minutes.

Detailed target audience profile:

My target audience is late teens to young adults (17-21 year olds) (a similar audience to that of E4 where the TV series, ‘Skins’ was aired).

The short film will probably attract females more than males purely because the storyline’s two main characters are both girls. Although, the nod to teen culture in England could help in drawing in male audience members.

Generally, the beliefs and values of my target audience would say that killing is wrong, especially if it is carried out in cold blood. However, I believe my target audience would be more lenient towards the use of drugs as it is a popular part of party culture in the UK.

My target audience would probably come under C1, C2 and D social groups from the Social Grade (ABCs) chart. This is the same for the younger people included in the target audience’s age group; They are likely to be living with parents in the social grades of C1, C2 and D. The characters in my short film relate mostly to those in social grade D (semi-skilled and unskilled manual workers) as they are living independently but only getting by with a low paying job and an altogether small income. However, the dramatic storyline will bring in other audiences (C1 and C2) who would be attracted to the TV series (if my film were to become a TV series) aspect of it – something interesting to watch after a day at work/school.

The Explorer and The Reformer.

Key conclusions from research:

Through my research, my idea developed greatly. Inspired by the work of my competition, I decided that I didn’t want to have a lot of dialogue, but instead use sound to create emotion, suspense and drama. I learnt about the power of colour and how it can effect a story with such impact. However, I also learnt about the legalities of using firearms in film (especially following the health and safety guidelines), as well as the ethical issues behind murder and violence on screen.

Production schedule:



Overall, I think my pitch went well; I clearly stated the aims of my film including how I want it to look, what I am planning for the storyline, how colour will play a main role, etc.

I made a detailed target audience profile which would, in a hypothetical situation, give a potential buyer a clear outline on the type of people who would be attracted to my short film.

Lastly, I analysed my research and produced key conclusions from it that will help me in making the final product. For example, making sure my film stays just inside the realms of realism so that its content doesn’t become trivial.

In the end, this pitch has helped me bring everything together including my research, ambitions and ideas for my short film. It will be very beneficial in the final stages of the project.



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